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Introduction to Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant that’s been proven to help with a lot of different problems. They come with delta-9 in it, or THC, but there are also some basic options for you to use too.While cannabis has usage that spans hundreds of years, including being found in ancient times, the main component that they focused on was THC, which was isolated by Raphael Mechoula along with Yechiel Goani back in 1964.  This does lead of course to discovering CBD and other cannabinoids, and it offers healing potentials galore as well. THC is psychoactive, and it’s a part of the plant that offers the feeling of being “high.” This does however offer a lot of different effects too, binding to your CB1 receptors, offering a unique feeling to those that are using this for recreational and therapeutic reasons too. 

THC Basics 

Right now, THC is a schedule I substance, which means that it’s a controlled substance, and it is stuck in the red tape, because people think it’ll lead to more harmful drugs. However, it’s starting to have a stigma that’s greatly reduced, especially with the growing opioid abuse that’s happening. THC along with cannabis is then ingested either through smoking, edibles, and other consumptions too. THC is basically one of the many cannabinoids that are in there, and it does interact with a ton of the others that are within there, including but not limited to the terpenes that are there, creating that entourage effect that’s there, and it can offer different methods for healing too. 

The effects can be good for the short and the long term, and there are some adverse effects, mostly based on how much is in there, the potency of such, and the method of delivery that’s there. It’s used for a lot of great therapy reasons, such as: 

There are some effects of THC that are worth mentioning in some cases, and they can vary from person to person. 

These of course, include:

  • Time distortion 
  • Impairing your memory 
  • Anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Impairment 
  • Delusions 
  • Hallucinations of problems 

The Debate Surrounding this 

There are some debates surrounding this of course. Those who are in support of THC want to see medical cannabis get fair treatment for different kinds of conditions too, and different methods. It’s considered “relatively safe” in most cases, and there are very few deaths fully associated with it as well. It is becoming a cheaper option compared to pharmaceuticals too, and potentially better since it’s less dependent. 

With that said though, there are people against it, since they say that the benefits are beginning to lack, that it needs to have FDA approval, and there are lacking methods for measuring the quality and potency of this. 

There are also some companies though that are looking to have a more standardized and controlled means to offer cannabis as a mainstream form of healthcare, especially when compared to other kinds of means. 

With that said though, the debate for THC to be legalized is becoming less and less of an uphill battle, and we hope that, by the time there is more and more changes to this, you’ll be able to, with this, improve the state of your life, and offer better and more rewarding control as it comes along too for many different people.