If you Live in Texas, We Have Some Great News For You

Texas is one of those states that is really stubborn when it comes to legalizing medical grade cannabis. For whatever reason, politicians and lawmakers in this state seem to have a personal vendetta against all things marijuana and have made it their life’s goal to oppose it in every way possible. However, marijuana users in Texas have to realize that they have to celebrate in the smallest of victories when it comes to legalizing cannabis.

While there are many residents in the state of Texas that suffer from conditions that would qualify them for treatment in other state’s programs are out of luck when it comes to receiving their medical marijuana. This is because Texas is really conservative in the type of conditions and ailments that are considered severe or bad enough to warrant the use of marijuana. As of right now, the patients that are accepted into the medical marijuana program (if they are very lucky) are those that are receiving end of life care, hospice care, and extremely severe diagnoses.

While these definitely should be included in the medical marijuana program, I feel that this leaves out a lot of people that are really in need of medical marijuana but simply do not have access to it. The interesting thing about all this legislation is that the majority of Texans do not agree with cannabis prohibition. In fact, a recent study reported that over 68% of people living in the state said that they would like to see the ban lifted. However, Texas still remains one of the hardest states to actually become a qualified medical marijuana user, since they are so stingy with the licenses that they give out.

The sad part about all of this is that chronic diseases are rampant in Texas, and the majority of people suffering with these diseases are not able to try using cannabis as a treatment option due to the state’s laws and policies. 15.6 million citizens in Texas have at least one chronic condition, according to a study done in 2015. This means that there are millions of people not getting the care that they need and want from licensed doctors and cannabis dispensaries.

Not to mention, healthcare costs are so expensive in the state of Texas, doesn’t it make sense to legalize cannabis? Not only does the state get to roll around more tax revenue, but legalizing medical marijuana may ease some of the strain on hospitals and clinics trying to deal with the amount of patients in Texas. It’s honestly just common sense.

Unfortunately, only the most severe and life threatening conditions can currently qualify for medical-grade cannabis. In fact, the list of qualifying conditions is so restrictive that you pretty much have to have a life ending disease or not be able to function in everyday life. Only then are you able to qualify for medical cannabis? For Texas residents that struggle with non-terminal cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, or anxiety, it must be a real struggle to watch other states in the county legalize medical cannabis in a less restrictive way.

So reading all of that was pretty dismal. Didn’t I say there would be good news? Well, yes, there is some good news that could be just over the horizon. The good news is that there are a bunch of new Texas state bills that are being filed to change Texas marijuana laws. Remember what I said about Texas being stubborn about marijuana? Well, it’s still true. However, we can all hope and pray that these laws are changed and cannabis becomes more acceptable in Texas.

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