Which is Better Vaping or Smoking Cannabis 

There is new news that’s recently come about, and that is that you can get medical marijuana even easier than before, and many places are doing this “whole flower.” 

What does that mean though? What is the best way to have it? Read on to find out more about this. 

What is Whole flower? 

Let’s first and foremost talk about whole flower, otherwise known as whole plant. This is the plant bud, which is a familiar form for a lot of people. Whole plant products are products that are made with the cannabis itself, and it’s been processed to keep all of the compounds that are in it. With whole flower, it offers a very natural taste. It’s dried, and then you consume it. If you have it via a pipe, vaporizer, or rolled, it doesn’t matter, they’re all alternatives to cannabis. 

A lot of the medical marijuana items that are there do isolate the compounds, including CBD and THC, along with other concentrates which are synthetic. With a lot of marijuana concentrates, they’re oils that are synthesized in order to offer a little bit of the stronger parts of the plant. Vape oils, however, are usually synthetic, along with botanical elements that offer better flavors and consistency to the product itself. 

Whole flower Benefits 

Whole flower is one that some people who use it for medical reasons prefer. That’s because it’s stronger, so you’re getting the full benefits of this, including the cannabinoids and the terpenes that come with this too. They also work together to create a balanced result, and the entourage effect offers this too. There was a study that was published recently which showed that the cannabis flower offered better pain relief than other products that wee there. Within the study, users were asked for logging there in in different categories.

The participants that used whole flower had a much higher reduction of the different pain that they went through, and more relief from the types of pain. Across all of this, the studies displayed that whole flower, which is THC-rich in terms of this, offers more benefits for a range of conditions than the extracts, which isolates the compounds. There is also some evidence that says that isolated cannabinoids might not be the best way to treat a variety of different conditions that are there. 

Should I Vape? 

It depends. Some people like it because it offers more discreet means to consume, and those who don’t like to smoke, or maybe if smoking makes them ill, will be able to consume that without needing to have as much. They also may like it because of the higher concentrations, and it does offer a quicker, sometimes more powerful relief. The biggest downside to this is you may have oils in this. The oils may be agents that are thinning, and although a lot of them are regulated, there is still the chance that they might not be good for you. 

A lot of medical marijuana items too are all tested not just for potency, but also purity too, which is why if you do have a card, this can be one of the best things. Remember though, there is a benefit to each of them. One of them offers a range of benefits, while the other one does have a more concentrated feel to this and offers a discreet means. Whichever works for you, the best way to decide is to go to the dispensary, ask them about this, and have them help you choose the best product for you to use. 

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